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A discussion of audio and the High-End could literally go on forever. Since I'd rather spend my time looking for (and listening to) new music, I'll just mention a few of my favorite resources for those who would like to investigate the topic further.



Magazines & eZines

  • 10 Audio
    Somewhere between a blog and an eZine, lies Jerry Seigel's 10 Audio site. It's a collection of comparative reviews, DIY projects, and think pieces. Online, free.
  • Audio Critique
    Arthur Salvatore's refreshingly biased views on High-End Audio and it's gurus. Online, free.
  • Enjoy The Music
    A free eZine published by Steve Rochlin featuring high-end news and live show reports. Contains advertising, but (thankfully) no pop-ups.
  • Positive Feedback
    Formerly the print journal of a major American audio club, in 2002 it reinvented itself as a free eZine. Contains advertising.
  • REG On Audio
    REG is Richard E. Greene, a long time writer for The Absolute Sound magazine, and the site is a collection of his reviews and essays. Online, free.
    A free eZine published by Srajan Ebaen which boasts one of the most sophisticated looks on the web. sixmoons's roster of contributors review the latest in hardware and software. Contains advertising links, but tastefully grouped together.
  • Stereophile and The Absolute Sound
    Once rivals in the realm of the alternative or underground audio press, they now dominate the credible mainstream. Love 'em or hate 'em, together they are largely responsible for creating high-end audio as we know it today. Excerpts and archives are published online; full copies available at your local bookstore or newsstand.
  • TNT-Audio
    An advertising-free newsletter published in Italy in both English and Italian. Includes reviews, tweaks, and a discussion forum. Free. Updated weekly.
  • The Triode Guild
    The collected musings of the late Dr. Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg, the Buddha of Audio and one of the high-end's truly original thinkers, are gathered here for your amusement and edification. Free, but (sadly) no longer updated.


  • The Complete Guide To High-End Audio, by Robert Harley, was first published in 1994, but is still up to date as a leading reference. Its strength lies in the ability of the author to clearly suggest options in choosing one component or another without being too doctrinaire, as well as explaining how things work. Acapella Publishing, Albuquerque, New Mexico. ISBN 0-9640849-1-0 (hardcover) and 0-9640849-1-2 (softcover).

  • Good Sound, An Uncomplicated Guide To Choosing And Using Audio Equipment, by Laura Dearborn, contains clear and concise information about all levels and aspects of home stereo, especially for the novice. William Morrow and Company, New York, 1987. ISBN 0-688-06424-8. Still in print in 1998.

Used Equipment

  • AudiogoN has become the de facto leader in the online listing of used equipment. Registration is required and there is a feedback system in place, similar to the one made popular by eBay.

  • eBay is the on-line auction site where anything can turn up.

  • US Audiomart and Canuck Audiomart have become viable alternatives to Audiogon and eBay. Free for both the shopper and seller.

  • Classifieds is a relatively new site which includes a power search and daily updates.

New Equipment & Supplies

  • Music Direct offers many useful accessories in addition to a large stock of new LPs.

  • Acoustic Sounds publishes new LPs and also offers many useful accessories.

  • KAB Electro Acoustics specializes in 78 rpm, early vinyl, and sound restoration and enhancement gear. A source for turntables, cartridges, and accessories with an online catalogue.

  • Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor is an on-line source for everything you need for vinyl playback.

  • Expert Stylus Company in Ashtead, Surrey, England. Run by Mr. Wyndham Hodgson, they make and can supply styli for both modern and antique players, including Edison and Pathe machines.

  • Elex Atelier says it is "your one source for premium [turntable] belts and parts."

  • Antique Electronic Supply is principally known as a source for tubes and parts for vintage radios and amplifiers. However, buried deep inside their catalogue, you will find new steel and sapphire phonograph needles for that old 78rpm Victrola, plus new Amberola needles for that even older Edison cylinder player.

  • Audio Advisor offers a wide range of budget and mid-priced audio and video gear, plus accessories.
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