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Warning! Contains adult (as well as childish) language.
    Date: 1999/04/24

    (Much text re-formatted for the benefit of readers - Krooger [sic]
    [referring to Arny Krüger to whom this reply is directed]
    doesn't care about the legibility of his posts, indicating
    he believes they carry no weight or importance.)

    Paul Guy wrote ->

    >> >I consider your opinions on the capacitor sound to be more
    >> >affected by cost and prestige than sound. Have you done any
    >> >tests by more than one unbiased listener, or by instruments to
    >> >show that there are any differences in sound?  Show us irrefutable
    >> >evidence, not anecdotal, that the choice of caps has definite
    >> >effects on the signal.

    Krooger, Mr PC Expert who still can't work his newsreader,
    scribbled ->>

    >Roy ranted:

    >>*childish street talk deleted* Hoping Roy finds a cure for his

    Krooger, why they hell did you put '>>s' before that?

    >> The guy asked for some advice and got it from someone who
    >> obviously understood the question and felt he had something to
    >> offer that was relevant to the question.

    >Don't you think that Paul was doing the same?

    Here was the original question, Child Molester:


    What are the best capacitors for tube pre-amps and tube

    These will be used on the signal path.

    Looking at:

    MultiCap RTX: Polystrene
    Exotica - Teflon TFT (very expensive, are they worth it?)
    InfiniCap - Signature Series, Metallized Polpropylene, type
    D (neutral sounding) or type S (warm sounding)

    Solen Fast Caps: Metallized Polypropylene

    What are the sound characteristics of these caps?


    Did it sound to you like the guy wanted to be bombarded with
    demands to prove to someone else whether he can hear
    differences between caps?

    Yes or no?

    >Or, are all critical comments a priori irrelevant?

    The guy wants to build up some tube gear and is interested
    in opinions about the sound of capacitors. He already states
    the qualities of sound he's observed from particular
    constructions. It is quite clear he does not want to be
    dragged into one of your ego-pumping 'prove it' runarounds.
    You're sick and disgusting.

    >I'm sure that if you were writing legitimate books for polite company
    >you might have a vested interest in selling that sort of thinking to
    >your publishers. But, as a leading UK writer of crotch and snuff, why
    >do you even give a rat's @$$?

    I'm in agony, you simpering probe-sucking freak.

    >> Your post is just more Krooger propaganda not at all relevant to
    >> the poster's question.

    >It may surprise you that I'm not the source of worldwide skepticism
    >about religious beliefs about capacitor dielectrics. Please see
    >http://www.penton.com/ed/Pages/magpages/may1398/pease/0513bp1.htm and
    >http://www.national.com/rap/Application/0,1127,28,00.00. for more
    >details on some of these issues.

    No thanks. I've heard differences between capacitors and no
    amount of your propaganda will change my perceptions of what
    I hear.

    Please kill yourself right away, you sick cunt.

    [Krooger's illiterate, badly formatted trash snipped]

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