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Pérez Prado Discography:
LPs - Part 2

"Mambo No.5"

Recordings by Dámaso Pérez Prado, El Rey del Mambo.

Original country of first release as [noted]. In many cases other pressings also exist, as well as "white label" promos, etc.

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331/3rpm LPs 1954-1991

Other Labels: Original Albums, Anthologies, and Compilations (Various Artists)

    10-inch Records

  • 195? - Latin Rhythms (Royale 18146) [Mono] [US]
    Side A features four songs performed by Pérez Prado; side B features four songs by The Cuban Boys.
  • 195? - Mambo (Seeco SLP-4) [Mono] [US]
  • 1954 - Mambos (Seeco LDS 047) [Mono] [UK]
    Mambos recorded in Cuba about 1950. Possibly the same record as the previous listing.

    12-inch Records

  • 195? - Modalidades (Montilla P-502) [Mono] [US]
  • 195? - Orquesta (Puchito 502) [Mono] [US]
  • 195? - Mambo! (Aamco ALP 306) [Mono] [US]
    The jacket credits Perez Prado, Tito Rodriguez, Miguelito Valdez, "and others" without specifying which band performs which song(s).
    Also released as:
    • 195? - Latin Dance Time (Flair-X LP-103) [Mono] [US]
  • 195? - Latin Dance Rhythms (Ultraphonic 8053) [Mono] [US]
    Four songs each by Prado, Miguelito Valdez, and Noro Morales.
  • 195? - Perez Prado And His Famous Latin Orchestra (Halo 50323) [Mono] [US]
    Side A features four songs by Prado; Side B includes seven songs by the French Latin Orchestra.
    Also released as:
    • 195? - Latin Dance Tempos (Evon 331) [Mono] [US]
  • 1958 - Latin Dance Party - Vol. 4 (Seeco SCLP-9083) [Mono] [US]
    Reissue of (Seeco LDS 047), plus numbers by Daniel Santos.
  • 1958 - Great Mambos And Other Latin American Favorites (Bell BLP 12) [Mono] [US]
    Rereleased as:
    • 1961 - (Bell BLP-12) [Stereo] [US]
    • 1961 - (Hi-Life SHLP-12) [Stereo] [US]
      Bell and Hi-Life shared the same owner, Arthur Shimkin, and the example on hand is of the BLP-12 Stereo jacket with the SHLP-12 record inside. Hi-Life took over the Bell catalogue and other combinations like this may have been packaged.
  • 1959 - Perez Prado And Others (Treasure TLP 818) [Mono] [US]
  • 19?? - Spotlight on Perez Prado (Tiara)
  • 19?? - Mano a Mano - Vol. 2 - Acerina y Pérez Prado
  • 19?? - Golden Pérez Prado (Premier 307,3078)
  • 19?? - Grand Successos de Pérez Prado (Premier 307,3215)
  • 19?? - Fiesta Cubana (Liberty SLS-50 135Z) [US?]
  • 19?? - ¡¡Pérez Prado!! (Impacto EL-043)
  • 19?? - Golden Hit Parade (Pickwick ACL-7030) [US]
    A compilation of various artists. Includes at least one song by Prado.
  • 19?? - The Best of Perez Prado (Vicor VI-2098) [Philippines]
    Reported to be made under license by Victor Japan (JVC). Has a different selection of songs from either Big Hits By Prado (RCA LPM/LSP-2104) or The Best Of Perez Prado (RCA LPM/LSP-3732) (above).
  • 196? - Beautifully Yours (Springboard SPB 4069) [US]
  • 196? - Cha Cha Cha And Mambo (Tops L-1535) [Mono] [US]
    The label reads A Night In Havana and the cover features a photo of famed dance instructor "Killer Joe" Piro and partner. One cut on the mambo side, "Asi Asi," is by Prado.
  • 196? - Cha Cha Festival (Palace PST 647) [Stereo] [US]
    Four cha-cha-chas by the Perez Prado Orchestra along with eight more by the Pepito Pavon Orchestra.
  • 196? - Dance Party (Spinorama MK 3025) [Mono] [US]
    Mainly a collection by Eddie Maynard and His Latin Rhythms. A few numbers by Prado are also featured. This LP was re-released many times on different labels and with different jackets:
    • 196? - Dance Party - Vol. 1 (Parade SP 325) [Mono] [US]
      In this example, the front cover credits Eddie Maynard and His Orchestra, while the back cover credits Vince Marebo and his Latin Rhythms.
    • 196? - Perez Prado and Other Latin American Favorites (Spinorama M-78) [Mono] [US]
    • 196? - Latin Dance Party - Vol. 1 (Promenade 2204) [Mono] [US]
    • 196? - For Latin Lovers (R.I.C. Records R.I.C. 5002) [Stereo] [US]
    • 196? - Cha Cha Cha (Sutton SSU 232) [Stereo] [US]
    • 196? - Latin Dance Party (Hurrah H/HS-1027) [Mono/Stereo] [US] In addition to the ones above, other labels and jackets with the same songs probably exist.
  • 196? - Mambo, Pérez Prado (Orfeon LP-12-411) [US]
  • 196? - Mambo, Pérez Prado - Vol. 2 (Orfeon LP-12-431) [US]
  • 196? - Pérez Prado a Go Go (Orfeon LP-12-448) [US]
  • 196? - Cuba In America - New Super Rhythms By (Damaso) Perez Prado) (Barclay 920141) [France]
  • 196? - El Fiesta De Baile (Viking 407) [US]
  • 196? - Latin Dance Rhythms (Diplomat 2243) [Mono] Also released as:
    • 196? - (Pirouette FM 91) [Stereo] [US]
  • 196? - Prez Prado and Latin Favorites (Koko LM-2203) [US?]
    The A side is by Prado, the B side by another band.
  • 196? - Melodia De Amore [With Fred McDonald] (ECO 69) [Mexico]
  • 196? - Perez Prado Greats & Other Latin American Favorites (Celebrity UT 164) [Mono] [US]
  • 196? - Mambos (Ansonia ALP 1404)
  • 1961 - Great Mambos and Other Latin American Favorites (Coronet CX-120/CXS-120) [Mono/Stereo] [US]
  • 1961 - Perez Prado (And Others) (Fortuna TLPS 918) [Stereo] [US]
    Includes one song, "Asi, Asi," by Prado.
  • 1964 - Harold J. Mirisch, Movie Pioneer of the Year 1964 (United Artists UAL 9004) [Mono] [US]
    A tribute to movie producer Harold J. Mirisch, including "Zelda's Theme" by Prado from the movie Kiss Me, Stupid.
  • 1964 - Dengue (Orfeon LP-12-410) [Mexico]
    Also released as:
    • 1964 - (Odeon LD 1407) [Peru]
      Reissued in Peru in the mid-1980's by Odeon-Iempsa featuring additional bonus tracks.
  • 1964 - A Cat In Latin (Parlophone PMC 1226) [UK]
  • 1964 - In Mexico (Spinorama M 156) [Mono] [US]
    Songs on Side 1 by Prado; Side 2 by Carlos Molina.
  • 1964 - Lights! Action! Prado! (United Artists UAL 3394/UAS 6394) [Mono/Stereo] [US]
  • 1965 - Spotlight on Perez Prado (Tiara TMT 7512) [US]
  • 1965 - Dengues (Discuba LPD-572) [Cuba]
  • 1965 - Pérez Prado Y Su Creaciones (Orfeon LP-JM-26) (3-Record Set) [Mexico]
  • 1966 - Mambo (Orfeon LP-12-411) [Mexico]
  • 1966 - Mambo - Vol. 2 (Orfeon LP-12-431) [Mexico]
  • 1966 - Pérez Prado A Go Go (Orfeon LP-12-448) [Mexico]
  • 1967 - Music to Read James Bond By (United Artists UAS 3415/6415) [Mono/Stereo] [US]
    Compilation of musical selections from the first three James Bond films. Includes Prado's version of "Goldfinger" from Lights! Action! Prado!
  • 1967 - Concierto Para Bongo (United Artists UAL 3489/UAS 6489) [Mono/Stereo] [Mexico] and (Raiz Records MCE 26099) [US]
    Reissued later as WS Latino LS 61005.
  • 1967 - Las Novias de Pérez Prado (Orfeon LP-12-630) [Mexico] and [US]
  • 196? - Mano a Mano - Vol. II Acerina - Pérez Prado
  • 1968 - Music to Read James Bond By - Volume 2 (United Artists UAS 3541/6541) [Mono/Stereo] [US]
    Compilation of musical selections from James Bond films. Includes Prado's version of "The James Bond Theme."
  • 1968 - Estas Si Viven (The Living End) (UA Latino L-31032) [US]
  • 1968 - El Taconazo (ODEON) [Peru]
  • 1968 - Popular Music That Will Live Forever (Readers Digest RDA/RDS 31) (10-Record Boxed Set) [Mono/Stereo] [US]
    Includes "Tico Tico," "Bésame Mucho," and "Patricia."
  • 1968 - South Of The Border (Readers Digest RDA/RDS 72) (4-Record Boxed Set) [Mono/Stereo] [US]
    Includes "Bésame Mucho," "Guaglione," "Perfidia," "Mambo Jambo," "Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma," and "Anna."
  • 1968 - El Señor Ritmo - Perez Prado (Orfeon LP-12-685) [Mexico]
  • 1968 - Latin Favorites (Readers Digest RDA 72-A) [4-record boxed set] [US]
    The songs by Prado are: "The Peanut Vendor," "Mambo Jambo," and "Uno!"
  • 1969 - Mambo - Vol 3 (Orfeon LP-12-436) [Mexico]
  • 19?? - Mambo! Perez Prado (Orfeon S 21-458) [Spain]
  • 19?? - Los Myores Mambo de Perez Prado (Gramusic GM 372) [Spain]
  • 1970 - Dámaso Pérez Prado (Orfeon LP-12-726) [Mexico]
    Also released as:
    • 1970 - Perez Prado '70 (Orfeon LP-12-726) [US]
  • 1970 - Dimension (Orfeon LP-12-766) [Mexico] and (Orfeon LP-ER-766) [US]
  • 197? - Los Tres Grandes de la Música Tropical (Orfeon LP-13-2227-9) [US]
  • 1971 - Os Grandes Successos de Perez Prado (Premier 307.3078) Recordings licensed from Japan Victor.
  • 1972 - Al Ritmo de Perez Prado (Orfeon S 21-506) [Spain]
  • 1972 - El unico Pérez Prado (DIMSA DML-1026) [Mexico]
    DIMSA is a Mexican label owned by Orfeon.
  • 1972 - Perez Prado '72 (Fontana 63 85 003) [UK] and (Philips SFX-5006) [Japan]
  • 1972 - Los Mejores Mambos de Perez Prado (Fontana 10009 6472 500) [Stereo] [Mexico] A collection of recordings originally made by Japan Victor circa 1970-1971.
  • 1972 - El Unico Pérez Prado (Orfeon/Dimsa DML-1026) [Mexico]
  • 1972 - As You Remember Them, Vol. 1--Great Instrumentals (Time-Life Records) [3-LP boxed set] [Stereo] [US]
    Includes "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White."
  • 1972 - As You Remember Them, Vol. 4--Great Instrumentals (Time-Life Records) [3-LP boxed set] [Stereo] [US]
    Includes "Patricia."
  • 1972 - L'Epoca D'Oro (RI FI RDZ-14244) [Italy]
  • 1973 - Il Favoloso (Penny Variety REL-19213) [Italy]
  • 1973 - Perez Prado Y Su Orquesta (Zafiro ZV-626) [Spain]
    A collection of recordings originally made by Japan Victor circa 1970-1971. Issued as part of the Serie Etiqueta Verde.
  • 1973 - Perez Prado (Zafiro ZV-642) [Spain]
    A collection of recordings originally made by Japan Victor circa 1970-1972. Issued as part of the Serie Etiqueta Verde.
  • 1973 - Old & Heavy Gold, 1955 (Economic Consultants OHG-1955) [US]
    Various performers. Includes "Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White" by Prado.
  • 197? - Mambo Universario (DIMSA DML-8806) [Mexico]
  • 1974 - Banana Boat (Victor VFC 1307) [Stereo] [Japan]
    With the Cuban Rhythm Boys. Includes two cuts by Prado: "Qué Rico El Mambo (Mambo Jambo)" and "Taboo."
  • 1974 - Pérez Prado Now (Contour 2870 385)
  • 1974 - Que Rico El Mambo (Fontana LPMA-10032) [Mexico, Japan]
  • 1974 - Pérez Prado Su Mambo Cuadrafonico (Raff 969) [Quadrophonic] [Mexico]
    4-Channel discrete stereo recording.
  • 1974 - Viva Santana (Raff 990) [Mexico]
  • 1975 - Mambo No.5 (DIMSA/Orfeon DML-1069) [US]
    Also reported to be released as catalogue numbers DML-8986 and DML-8806.
  • 1975 - Mambo Discos de Oro (Orfeon LKP-12-2028) [Mexico]
  • 1975 - 4 Channel Latin Sound (Philips 4DX-27) [4-channel Quadrophonic] [Korea]
    Side 1 by Perez Prado, side 2 by other players.
  • 1975 - 4 Channel Latin Best Album (Philips 4DX-31) [4-channel Quadrophonic] [Korea]
    Side 1 by Perez Prado, side 2 by other players.
  • 1976 - Latin Hustle (Orfeon LP-12-964) [Mexico]
  • 1976 - El fabuloso Perez Prado (Orfeon/Dimsa DML-1086) [Mexico]
  • 1976 - Guantanamera (WS Latino WS 4068) [US]
  • 197? - Bravos del Ritmo (WS Latino LT-LA 192-E2) [US]
    Includes to songs, "Lluvia" and "O'Ganso," from Guantanamera (WS Latino WS 4068).
  • 1977 - Latin Dance Party (Gemco GSLP-3533) [Stereo]
    A compilation of different Latin dance tunes (rhumba, bolero, guarcha, etc.). Includes "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Cha-Cha)" by Prado. No relation to the other LP's of the same title, above.
  • 1977 - Beautifully Yours (Springboard SPB-4069) [Stereo] [US]
    US reissue of rare tracks originally produced by Japan Victor.
  • 1978 - Perez Prado (Gramusic GM 695) [Spain]
  • 1978 - Pérez Prado El Rey (Gas 4181) [Mexico]
  • 1978 - Exitos En Mambo (Trigas 64) (3-Record Set) [Mexico]
  • 1980 - A la Sasha Montenegro y ostros mambos (Fontana Mexico LP 35034/LPM 10087) [Ecuador]
  • 1981 - Pérez Prado Hoy - El Rey del Mambo (Epic EPC 88554) [2-record set] [Mexico?] Also released as:
    • (Epic EPC88554) [Spain]
    • (Epic 19328) [Colombia]
  • 1981 - Perez Prado Super Deluxe (Palobal CDN-34) [SPAIN/JAPAN]
  • 1982 - Bailables de fin de año (Gas Records DAL-1029) [US]
    Various performers. Includes "Qué Rico el Mambo" by Prado.
  • 198? - 15 Exitos del Oro (GAS DAL-4156) [US]
  • 198? - Pérez Prado el Rey (GAS DAL-4181) [US]
  • 1983 - Pérez Prado and His Orchestra (Joker SM-4029)
  • 1983 - El Rey del Mambo (Profono PML-90337) [Mexico] and (Profono DCM-83002) [US]
  • 1986 - 30 Exitos Pérez Prado - Album de Oro con sus 30 Grandes Exitos (CBS CBS-02L-70306) [2-record set]
    Recordings licensed from Orfeon Mexico.
  • 1989 - Dámaso Pérez Prado tesoros musicales (Discos CBS International OML-80252) [US]
    A collection of 20 early singles.
  • 1989 - Fiebre de Mambo con Pérez Prado (Fonoson FON-S 25168) [Spain]
  • 1989 - 16 Grandes Exitos Pérez Prado (Discos Fuentes 206209) [Colombia]
  • 1990 - 1958 (Time-Life Music MSM 35181/HTP-11A) [Stereo] [US]
    A compilation of top selling songs from the year 1958 in a series called Your Hit Parade. Includes "Patricia " by Prado.
  • 1990 - Routes Of Rhythm, Vol. 1 - A Carnival Of Cuban Music (Rounder 5049) [US]
    Includes "Mambo #8" by Prado.
  • 1991 - A La Sasha Montenegro (Polygram/Cokada 160.004) [Venezuela]

Related LPs

    Beny Moré and Pérez Prado

    Albums which include Beny Moré singing with Pérez Prado and his orchestra. Moré became known as "The Prince of Mambo," in contrast to Prado's Rey ("King").

  • 1961 - Recordando (Camden CAM-13) [Mono] [US]
    "Beny Moré con las orquestas de Pérez Prado, Mariano Mercerón y Rafael de Paz."
    Reissued as (Cariño DBL1-5005), presumably in electronic [artificial] stereo.
  • 1967 - La epoca de oro de Beny Moré y Pérez Prado (RCA FSP-212)[Mono] [US]
    Also released as:
    • (RCA FSP-245E) [Electronic Stereo] [US]
    • (RCA International LPVS 1024/100-01104)
    • (Cariño DBL1-5003) [Electronic Stereo] [US]
  • 19?? - Lo mejor de Beny Moré (RCA Mexicana MKLA-56) [Mono] [3-LP set] [Mexico]
  • 19?? - El Barbaro del Ritmo - Beny Moré con Pérez Prado y Rafael de Paz (RCA MKL-1501) [Mexico] and (RCA 102-01836) [Europe?]
    Also released in the 1970's as (Arcaño DKL1-3497).
  • 19?? - (RCA International IL5 7207)
  • 197? - Los Exitos de Beny Moré (RCA/Camden CFS-13(e)) [Electronic Stereo] [Mexico]
    Recordings made in Mexico 1948 - 1951, including five with Prado and his Orchestra.
  • 19?? - (RCA 05(0131)02119)
  • 19?? - (RCA LPVS-1887)
  • 1981-1982 - Gran Serie Beny Moré Sonero Major (Areito) [Cuba]
    This is a collection of as many as eleven albums released in Cuba collecting the work of singer and bandleader Beny Moré. They are mainly bootlegs of RCA sessions and at least eight of the LP's contain material (sometimes only one song) featuring Pérez Prado and his orchestra, with whom Moré was a principal singer in Mexico in the late 1940's and early 1950's.
    • Vol. II (Arieto LD-4050)
      Includes "Maria Christina."
    • Vol. III (Arieto LD-3663)
      Includes "Tu solo tu" and "Pacheto eché."
    • Vol. IV (Arieto LD-3708)
      Includes "Locas por el Mambo."
    • Vol. V (Arieto LD-4058)
      Includes "Mamboletas."
    • Vol. VI (Arieto LD-4059)
      Includes "Deja que suba la Marea," "Anabacoa," "No deben Llorar," "Guajiro," "A romper el Coco," and "Puntilla."
    • Vol. VII (Arieto LD-4060)
      Includes "Dolor Carabali," "Ana Maria," "Mangolete," "Tocinete," and "Barbarabatiri."
    • Vol. VIII (Arieto LD-4061)
      Includes "La Cocaleca," "La Mucura," "Rabo y Oreja," and "Que te Parece, Cholito."
    • Vol. IX (Arieto LD-4064)
      Includes "Que te pasa, José?"
  • 1988 - Coleccion de Oro Beny Moré (Discos Perla 835 798 1) [3-LP set] [Colombia]
  • 1989 - Dos Grandes de la Musica Popular - Beny Moré y Oscar D'Leon (Top Hits 102-07569)

    Other Related LPs

  • 195? - Salute To The Bandleaders (Prominade 2219) [10-inch] [Mono] [US]
    Includes a redition of "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White," though not by Prado.
  • 19?? - Latin Brass - With The Orchestra Of John Evans (Directional Sound DM 5001) [Stereo] [US]
    Although this is an album of (mostly) Prado hits reworked by Evans, the liner notes by Nat Hentoff never mention Prado by name. "John Evans," it is reported, is an Americanization of Jean Evans, the piano player in the Francis Bay Big Band who made several recordings for both the Omega and Epic labels. The Directional Sound series is said to be recycled Bay records once available on Omega, with the names of the instrumentalists changed and re-released as "John Evans" and his band. The actual cuts are identical to the Omega tracks, except that some artificial reverberation was added to make the claim to "Directional Sound."
  • 19?? - Perez Prado's Big Band Sounds, Played By Dave Pell's Big Band (P.R.I. Records 3006) [Stereo] [US]
    Translucent yellow vinyl. "P.R.I." stands for "Precision Radiation Instruments."
  • 19?? - Frankie Capp: Percussion in a Tribute to Perez Prado (Kimberly 2009) [Mono] [US]
  • 1958 - The Brussels Worlds Fair Salutes The Perez Prado Orchestra (Omega OSL 20) [Mono] [US]
    Songs written or previously recorded by Prado as performed by The Big Bay Band.
  • 1959 - Prado Mania (Crown CLP-5106, CST-137) [Mono, Stereo] [US]
    Performed by members of the Perez Prado Orchestra conducted by Bobby Gil. The credit to "members of" is somewhat misleading in that sometimes the presence of just one player qualified. This record was released with two different titles under the same catalogue number. Some pressings are on red transluscent vinyl.
    Also released as:
    • 196? - Mambo Jambo (Crown CLP-5106, CST-137) [Mono, Stereo] [US]
      There is also a listing as catalogue number ST-117 that has yet to be verified by an actual example.
  • 196? - The Stereophonic Sound of Perez Prado (Bright Orange X-BO-712) [Stereo] [US]
    Performed by members of the Perez Prado Orchestra. However, it has been reported that the "Bright Orange" LP's were actually reissues of the Crown recordings (above).
  • 196? - Dance To The Sounds Of The Big Bands - Vol. 3 (Bright Orange X-BO-724) [Stereo] [US]
    Includes "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White." Performed by members of the Perez Prado Orchestra.
  • 1960 - Mambo Jambo (Eros ERLS.50003)
    Performed by members of the Perez Prado Orchestra.
  • 1981 - Música Iyesá (Areito LD-3747) [Cuba]
    Vol. III of Antologia de la Musica Afrocubana. Field recordings of Afro-Cuban roots music made in Matanzas, Cuba, Prado's birthplace and childhood home.

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Pérez Prado Discography
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The Pérez Prado Discography was compiled by Joseph Levy with additional help from:
  • Michael Macdonald-Ross (Non-US and Beny Moré LPs and films)
  • Pekka Salonen
  • Pepe Luhtala (78s)
  • John Wade (45s)
  • Agustine Velez (LPs and CDs)
  • Juan Pedro Rivera (LPs, CDs and films)
  • Jaime Jaramillo (Films)
  • Lennart Persson (European LPs and CDs)
  • Eric Chapman (European and other LPs)
  • Silvano Bracco (Italian LPs)
  • Hiroyoshi Kuwayama (Japanese LPs)
  • Peter Principle (Mexican LPs)
  • Cary Ginell (78s and 45s)
  • David Racine (Video Game)
  • Maria Lilienheim (Argentine LPs and 45s)
  • Jerry Priessen (LPs and 45s)

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