"(for those who think young)"

(for those who think young)
True North TN-48

Side One
  1. All Touch
  2. Attitude
  3. For Those Who Think Young
  4. Bodies In Collision
  5. Prisoner Of My Skin
Side Two
  1. The Sacred & The Profane
  2. Baptism Of Fire
  3. Fakin' It
  4. Blood Lust

Carole Pope, lead vocals
Kevan Staples, guitar, piano, synthesisers
Terry Wilkins, Fender fretless bass, vocals
Bucky Berger, drums, vocals
David McMorrow, synthesisers, vocals
Dusty Springfield, vocals
How'rd Pope, vocals
John C. Hughes, vocals
Colina Phillips, vocals
Shawn Jackson, vocals

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