"Shaking The Foundations"

Shaking The Foundations
True North TN-50

Side A
  1. Crimes Of Passion
  2. Endless Night
  3. Shaking The Foundations
  4. Vertigo
  5. Numero Fatale
Side B
  1. America, Bad And Beautiful
  2. I Want To Live
  3. Kiss Me Deadly
  4. Fire Down Below
  5. Beg For It

Carole Pope, lead vocals
Kevan Staples, guitar, piano, percussion, synthesizer, vocals
Jørn Anderson, drums
Howard Ayee, bass
David McMorrow, synthesizer
Terry Wilkins, bass
Bucky Berger, drums
Nona Hendryx, vocals
Sharon Lee Wiliams, vocals
Ray Borg, vocals
Trevan Kaplan, vocals
Bruce Cockburn, vocals
Scott Davey, vocals

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