"O tempora! O mores!"

O tempora! O mores!
(O the times! O the manners!)
True North TN-58

Side A
  1. Sexual Outlaw
  2. Symbolic
  3. On The Line
  4. Pangerons
  5. Low Blow
Side B
  1. Threshold
  2. Tied Up
  3. Rescue Me
  4. Aphodisiac
  5. Evolution

Carole Pope, lead vocals
Kevan Staples, guitars, keyboards, percussion
Jørn Anderson, drums, percussion
Tony Craig, drums, percussion
Bucky Berger, drums, percussion
Howard Ayee, bass, background vocals
Terry Wilkins, bass
Dave Pilch, bass
Earl "Mr. Streamline" Seymour, horns
Rick "Tito" Waychesko, horns
Vern "Sushi" Dorge, horns
Neil Chapman, guitar
Terry Wilkins, bass
Dalbello, background vocals

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